Bear with me while I fumble my way through documenting these genetic anomalies.  I am not a biologist, neither an ornithologist nor herpetologist.  I'm a wildlife photographer who's taken a strong interest in how genetic diversity manifests itself through colour phases.  I have much to learn about the many recessive, dominant, co-dominant and incomplete dominant genes that exist in nature.  This page was created to show how variable the colours of nature can be.

allele about genetic diversity


Leucism is a gene that many confuse with albinism.   Leucism is caused by a lack of several pigment genes that affect coat, feather and skin colour.  Many animals that exhibit leucism have white fur or feathers, yet still retain their natural/normal eye colour.  


Piebald or 'pied' for short, is similar to leucism.  Pied animals have a reduction in similar pigment genes, however they


Melanistic animals are those that have an overabundance of melanism genes - the genes