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Kameko Walker is a self-disciplined Pacific Northwest wildlife photographer, with a strong interest in conservation work.  At an early age, she took an avid interest in her dad's manual Pentax SLR along with it's plethora of lenses.  She was often out and about exploring the ravine behind her house, or nearby forests with a camera in hand.  Growing up in a temperate rainforest zone has had an immense impact on Kameko's strong pull to  photographing West Coast wildlife.


Placing ethics before the desire to 'get the shot', she utilizes natural light to cause as little disturbance as possible.  Kameko shoots in manual focus, manual exposure and processes her images accordingly.  Low light environments further enhance her storytelling.  Her subjects are never baited, called or lured in any way.  Her main objective is to photograph them in their most natural, undisturbed state.


Ready to hit the road, Kameko can often be found in the back woods photographing the rich biodiversity that is indigenous to BC.

"As a nature photographer, my objective is to capture images of wildlife in their most undisturbed state.”

Hiking in Fraser Valley
Photo courtesy of Alan Bailward at Bailward Photography

'Tiny' the Barred Owl release

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